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Hello Referees,
Post your games immediately after getting home from refereeing. Some of your reports have information in them that ECYSA board members need. Board members are volunteers. You are the paid professional. Your job as referee is not complete until the game report is posted.
Because of the tardiness of so many referee reports, ECYSA will be discussing ways of docking referee pay if your games are not posted within 48 hours of game completion.
 After posting your games, please run a Payment report. You should be doing this each week, after you referee and post your games.

Log in, go to games, click on  Payment Report, type in the date parameters, hit GO, your list of posted games  along with a monetary value for each game will appear.

Date parameters for this Fall 2014 should be:
From Date     2014-09-01
To Date         2014-10-21  (or current date, when you run reports later in the season) 

If the payment report doesn't match your schedule, you  have neglected to successfully post a game or two.

Do this NOW!



Final Saturday of the Fall season is November 1st. You have until Thursday, November 6th to post your games.

On 9/9/2014 a comprehensive email from me about how to post your games went out to all referees. It is also found in your "Advice To ECYSA Referees" document. New referee? Call your mentor
Unposted WILL equal unpaid

Thank You,

Ben Reed

USSF & ECYSA Referee Assignor