Welcome to the Essex Referee Web Site

Hello Referees,

Several big ticket items to be aware of.

Checks for this past Spring's 2014 season went into the mail on Saturday, July 19th. If you have not received it by July 26th, please let me know.

If you haven't already, you should print out, or create a file for your pay reports.

Starting for Fall 2014 season, ECYSA will have a new web address. You will go to a new web address for all your refereee related issues. Everything you found on the old site is now on the new site. The new address is:


For veteran referees, you will remember this is the old address. It is now our new/working address. It is THE ONLY place you should be going from now on.

Availability for this Fall's season is now in place on the new site. Availability will be up through Thursday, August 21st.

If you were a new referee last Spring, but failed to attend a "New Referee Orientation" meeting, be watching for future emails about dates, times and locations. A series of four will take place in August. You must attend one in order to referee in ECYSA.

Please fill out your Fall availabilities now. Remember, the address to go to is now:


Thank You,

Ben Reed

USSF & ECYSA Referee Assignor