Welcome to the Essex Referee Web Site

Hello Referees,
The Availability Form for ECYSA's Fall 2015 season is now online. It is officially open, up, and running.
 The dead line for getting this filled out is Friday, August 21st.

Please log in and fill it out. Remember, the only place you should be going to now is: www.ecysa.org

For all the teenage referees, please check with your folks to see if you have any trips planned. Do you have any scholastic test weekends? If yes, you may not want to put in for availability that day. You can always pick up games from the weekly "Available Games" list, if your schedule changes
In the Fall, ECYSA  has scheduled (U-10 / U-12 / U-14) games, all day on Saturday. These games are refereed with just one referee. Traditionally, there are no games scheduled for Sundays. For newer referees still learning the ropes, you have a better chance of being assigned games if you select "EITHER" as opposed to "AM or PM," Be flexible in working, whenever possible.  Make notes in the comments box of any pertinent information. Be brief, 50 characters maximum
Here is a new wrinkle. Once you submit your Availability, and you realize you need to make changes or updates, you can.  Log back in, make your changes and push submit. Again, in the comments box, you may add any helpful comments. As always, please provide me with your name and ECYSA referee number, for any and all referee related matters
ECYSA has no regularly scheduled games on Labor Day or Columbus Day Weekend. There are however, Columbus Day tournaments in Peabody and North Andover. There is a Labor Day tournament in North Reading. Email addresses for the tournament assignors are listed on the availability page. More information will be coming, about a month prior to these holiday tournaments. Referees do get paid for working these tournaments. These are great opportunities do some work as Assistant Referee 
Thank You,
Ben Reed
USSF & ECYSA Referee Assignor