Welcome to the Essex Referee Web Site

Hello Referees,

 Here's what you can do to maximize your chances of being assigned games to referee, from the available games list.
 One week prior to each week of play, the available games for the upcoming
 week will appear. They are there right now!
 When you log into the referee section of the website, click on available
 There is usually a pretty good size list there to choose from.
 Pick multiple venues and games, even if they are at the same time in
several different towns. I will be careful in assigning
 Be aggressive. The more places your name appears, the more you increase
your chances of getting some games.
 Do this frequently, as the list changes day to day, or even throughout the day. You may look at it and not see much, an hour later there could be ten or more new games to bid on
 If you don't mind a little bit of travel, you can do lots of games.
 You'll get the hang of it as the season progresses.

 Reminder, USSF grade 9 referees are only allowed to officiate U-10 games

 Also, if you are one of our new 14 year old grade 8 referees, please stick to U-10 games this season when bidding

You may or may not get assigned the games you've requested.
 That's why it is important to check your schedules each day during the
 season, especially if you've been requesting games.

I will start assigning games from the available games list on Tuesday night of each week. Assigning of games from the list will continue through the rest of the week

Thank You,

Ben Reed

USSF & ECYSA Referee Assignor