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My Fellow Referees,

Let me start with this. I did receive a handful of complimentary referee reports.

Beyond that, Our performance this past weekend was under whelming, at best.

 You need to read this entire email. PLEASE!

I. Referee Fees & Fee Forfeiture

1. Referee fees will be established prior to the start of the season. 
J. Referee Match Reports


1. All Referee Match Reports shall be submitted using the ECYSA online Match Report form within 24 hours. If the referee does not have access to the on-line system, they may mail the report within 24 hours.

 We are still waiting for game reports from last Saturday. This is unacceptable. Games were abandoned for various reasons. No reports. Red cards, and no reports. Does ECYSA really need to start implimenting fines on referees for failure your do your duties?

A coach informed me, he had to secure a portable goal at half time of his game. He knew it to be unsecured. The referee did not check goals before kick off. Games that were played to half time, and beyond, with one team having a roster, but no player passes. U-12 games played with the referee applying U-10 rules. The above incidents were by referees who attended workshops. At these work shops Fred Corey and I repeatedly tell you to know the rules of competition of the age groups you are refereeing.

Do you get tired of hearing these things over and over? I get tired of these referee reports from coaches about referees, many of them veterans, who are getting it wrong!

There were a great many games that did not play last weekend, due to field closures.

Game reports from Sunday games should only be submitted by the referee. AR's, it is not your responsibility to submit a report.

Referees, I will tell you yet again. If your games do not play, for any reason, it is YOUR responsibility to moniter your schedule daily for the rescheduled date and time.

50% of all issues over the weekend were administrative issues. Pre and post game deficiencies. This is the easiest part of your job. There are no heat of the moment, snap decisions, and instant recall of Laws Of The Game, and restarts required.

 It saddens me to have to send out such a negative email. Quite simply, we need to do better. I look forward to better weeks. I hope you will do your home work each week.

Thank You,

Ben Reed

USSF & ECYSA Referee Assignor

2. After a game is completed, the referee will fill out the game card including the score and any sanctions

3. Within 48 hours of a game’s completion, the referee will enter all information on the game card into the online reporting system.

4. Failure of the referee to enter game information into the online system in a timely manner may result in loss of payment for that game.

5. Failure of the referee to submit a Match Report may result in loss of payment for that game.

6. A referee will forfeit fees when he/she fails to abide by the Rules and Regulations established by

ECYSA. This includes but is not limited to the wearing of the proper uniform and current USSF patch.



2. The referee shall submit a Match Report whenever one or more players is/are injured or to report unusual incidents including but not limited to an abandoned game, disputed player eligibility, and dismissal of a coach or spectator.

3. The referee shall submit a Match Report when so directed by the Referee Assignor.