Welcome to the Essex Referee Web Site

Hello Referees,
Did you work games this season? Are all your games posted? If not, get it done.
Have you run your payment reports? Upon completing a game(s), post your game reports immediately. This is especially important if your game had issues.
 Once games have been posted, run a Payment Report.
This will show you whether the games you've posted, actually have been posted. It will also show you the monetary value of each game you've refereed. There will be a running total at the bottom. You can see how much you've earned to date. You need to run this report each and every time you have posted your game(s)
The regular season is scheduled to end Saturday, November 7th. You will have until Thursday November 12th to get your games posted, and run a final payment report.
 You need to be doing this each week during the season. Post only the games you actually refereed.

Remember, UNPOSTED EQUALS UNPAID, no exceptions.

Log in, go to games, click on Payment Report, type in the date parameters, hit GO, your list of posted games will appear.

Date parameters should be:
From Date     2015-09-12
To Date         2015-11-10  (or current date, as you run the report  in the future) 

If Payment Report doesn't match your schedule, you may have neglected to post a game or two.

Do this NOW!

Checks come out a few weeks after ECYSA season concludes. Look for them in mid to late November, possibly early December.

Thank You,

Ben Reed

USSF & ECYSA Referee Assignor