Welcome to the Essex Referee Web Site

Hello Referees,
While most of this is intended for our brand new referees, there is also information for all.
To the 26 new referees who have joined our ranks for the coming season, and hopefully beyond, Congratulations. There will be more news blasts, like this one, with a lot of information on how to navigate your way through the season. There will be tips on how to pick up available games form week to week. The Available Games list will appear on line each week before the upcoming week of play. We kick off on 9/12. Start looking on 9/5.
It is apparent many of you are not reading these emails. To do so is to put yourself behind. You will lose out on opportunity. You run the risk of not getting paid for games at the end of the season.
To those who responded to my invitation to be an ECYSA referee, you were assigned a four digit ECYSA referee number. Have the courtesy to include it in your emails, and phone calls.
To those who did not respond. This will be the final communication from me. You have my contact information, if you wish to join next Spring.
Veteran referees. Are your uniforms in good repair? Please update them to look our best. New referees. Get your uniforms ordered. Don't wait until the last minute. I was surprised to see so many of you at the orientation meetings with out a uniform. I will be slow in responding to emails,  as I am in the midst of assigning the Fall season.
Thank You,
Ben Reed
USSF & ECYSA Referee Assignor