Welcome to the Essex Referee Web Site

Hello Referees,

Availability for this Fall's season is in place. Availability will be up through Thursday, August 21st. Please get it done. Don't delay. For referees who may be new to the availability report, read the following..

Log into your referee account. Click on games. See the drop down menu. Click on "Referee Seasonal Availability." This is where you will find it. If you are playing, but don't yet know what team you are on, just give me the dates you know you can work and times of day you might prefer to work. I can take care of the rest. Also, "On - Call" equals unsure of your availability

If you were a new referee last Spring, but failed to attend a "New Referee Orientation" meeting, there are three to choose from this month. You must attend one in order to referee in ECYSA. Brand new referee MUST attend one. Failure to attend will prevent me from employing you

Please fill out your Fall availabilities now. Remember, the address to go to is now:


New Referee Orientation dates and times are as follows:

We will be at the DANVERS INDOOR SOCCER  facility for all three dates. It is located in Rt. 114 in Danvers. Address and phone number are below.

150 Andover St, Danvers, MA 01923
(978) 777-7529


Saturday, Aug 16

Field  4  -  9:30 AM  o  12:00


Thursday, Aug 21

Upstairs  -  6:00 PM  to  6:30 PM

Field  1   -  6:30 PM  to  8:00 PM

Upstairs  - 8:00 PM  to  8:30 PM


Wednesday, Aug 27

Field  4  -   6:00 PM  to  8:00 PM

Upstairs  -  8:00 PM  to  8:30 PM



You must  attend one. Take your pick, and let me know which one.
Yes, you may have just taken a USSF referee course.
But these courses don't provide you with all you need to help you flourish.
These ECYSA meetings will accomplish several things.
1) Get to meet your assignor face to face in a small group.
2) Learn how to properly check in a team by ECYSA standards
3) Pre and post game duties.
4) Hints and refereeing tricks of the trade.
5) We will touch upon other basics as well.
6) Wear your referee uniform (shoes suited for running on indoor turf fields)
7) Bring a whistle, paper, and writing utensil.
It will be fun and informative, which is good, since it is required if you want to referee in Essex County.
We take our commitment to you seriously.
We want refereeing in Essex County to be the best experience possible.
If you are under 18 years of age, it would be helpful if a parent could stay for the class.
You will play a large role in the success of your child's new (first?) job.

 Thank You,

Ben Reed

USSF & ECYSA Referee Assignor